This company provides bespoke supply chain solutions delivering aircraft engine parts to the aerospace sector. They wanted to expand their global footprint and required a rebrand to do so.

A key part of Farsound service was the concept of creating bespoke solutions for their customers. This lead us into concepts based around ‘Caring’. We explored brand strategies around the idea of care and positioned the company’s personality like a skilful doctor. Using the concept of ‘Medical care’ as a powerful metaphor for the ultimate in customer service.

Expanding this concept further we created a campaign that celebrated Farsound products, while also highlighting the bespoke nature of the company by creating a set of unique organs of the body. This allowed Farsound to be positioned at the centre of aerospace (the engine) or as we like to say ‘The ‘Beating Heart’ which encompasses our overall strategy of caring about the industry we work in.

We created a logo that used an abstract visual representation of an engine that sits at the centre of what Farsound does, but is also a metaphor for speed and dynamism that features in their services.

This branding strategy was continued through print, social, digital, exhibition stands and office environments.